Wendy's Packing List

Actually instead of what I took, this is a list of what I'll take next time!

I'm the queen of over packing, so you may choose not to take everything here. Just remember: whether you have a porter or carry the bag yourself, someone is carrying your bag for three weeks, so keep it light!!! One porter usually carries two trekkers' packs; combined they should weigh no more than 30 kg

Also, keep in mind that I did a lodge trek, so there is no need for cooking gear etc.

Must Have:

bullet Sleeping bag, rated -20 degree Celsius
bullet Daypack (Asolo Aerator Backpack 35L)
bullet Local currency in cash (don't forget to get enough cash to tip the porter & guide)
bullet 2 water bottles - Nalgene are good since you can put in boiling water (the big mouth ones are MUCH easier to fill!)
bullet Head lamp and spare bulb and batteries (there is often no power in your room)
bullet Camera, plenty of film and a spare battery (and a sharpie marker to label the film canisters)
bullet Emergency sewing kit (actually used it!)
bullet Extra shoe lace
bullet Travel Towel
bullet Locks for bags
bullet Hat & sunglasses (for sun protection)

Clothes (I'd recommend thinking in terms of hiking wear, evening wear & outerwear)

Hiking wear:

bullet Hiking boots (make sure that they are well worn in before you go)
bullet 1 - Cargo Pants (with zipper for shorts!)
bullet 1-2 - T-shirts (dry wick = good)
bullet 1 - long sleeve shirt
bullet Fleece Sweater (I wore all the time!)
bullet 3-4 pairs of hiking socks (& liners of you like them)
bullet 1-2 Polypropylene long bottoms and long undershirt (I had two sets, maybe only needed one)
bullet underwear & a couple good bras

"Evening Wear" (one outfit that you can wear at night - it won't get sweaty & stinky)

bullet 1 - pair of Pants
bullet 1 - T-shirt
bullet 1 - Warm sweater
bullet Socks
bullet down jacket/fleece jacket (it gets cool sitting around at night!)


bullet Gortex jacket & pants for rain and wind protection
bullet Fleece jacket (this I lent to our porter)
bullet Toque (wool hat)
bullet gloves/mits

First Aid Kit:

Over the Counter:

bullet Dressing & Bandaids
bullet Gauze & Tape
bullet Moleskin
bullet Bandages/tape for sprains
bullet Polysporn Ointment
bullet Anti-Itch Cream
bullet Pain Killers (Asprin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen)
bullet Immodium
bullet Antacid/Pepto-Bismol (tabs)
bullet Cough Medicine
bullet Throat Lozenges
bullet Decongestant
bullet Sunscreen (Strong)
bullet After-Sun Cream (e.g., aloe)
bullet Lip Balm (containing sunscreen)
bullet Insect Repellent
bullet Vitamins
bullet Water Purification or Iodine Tablets


bullet Anti-Diarrhea (e.g., Cipro)
bullet Diamox (or =, for altitude sickness, available in KTM)
bullet Pain Medication (e.g., codeine)


bullet Hand Sanitizer
bullet Soap
bullet Deodorant
bullet Moisturizer (or just use your sunscreen)
bullet Spare glasses
bullet Small Mirror
bullet Travel size hairbrush & Hair elastics
bullet Travel size toothbrush & toothpaste & Floss
bullet Travel size pert plus (we only had three showers)
bullet Wet wipes (these are great in between showers!!
bullet Toilet paper (can be bought in lodges, but is very expensive and not soft)
bullet Tampons (guys, you may not need these!) 

Nice to have:

bullet Watch (with alarm clock that actually wakes you up)
bullet Pillow case (fill it with clothes for a great night's sleep!)
bullet A good novel (I recommend Kane & Able by Jeffery Archer!)
bullet Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya Lonely Planet (or something similar)
bullet Trekking map (you can buy good ones in Katmandu!)
bullet Travel journal / Notebook
bullet Pens/Pencils (my brother claims that pencils are better since ink will freeze if too cold!)
bullet Deck of cards
bullet Sneakers (good for going to dinner etc.)
bullet Sandals/flip flops (especially good in shower!)
bullet Gaiters (we bought these in Lobuche for ~$12)
bullet Rope - for hanging laundry, and tying things
bullet Bandana - good for bad hair days, and for covering your face or the back of you neck from the sun/dust)
bullet Mesh bags and pack sacs for toiletries, medicine kit and clothes. (this helped organize our packs)
bullet Snacks (Snickers, Dried fruit bars and some Gatorade powder)
bullet Zip lock bags
bullet Swiss army knife
bullet 2 extra light telescoping hiking poles (can buy in Katmandu for about half what they cost in Canada)
bullet Thermarest pad (We didn't need one)
bullet Compass