Simply put, our trip was fantastic! Kumar et al are absolutely wonderful and from the other groups we met along the way I'm sure that they are one of the better guiding companies. I've put up a quick web-page with our pictures and my travel journal. Other than that I'm not sure what to say. Depending on where you are from and when you go the weather may be really cold or not. I'm from Canada and it is actually much colder here in October than it was on the trip - I was expecting temperatures similar to the Rockies and was pleasantly surprised to have more than enough warm clothes (even after lending our porter my warmest fleece).

Make sure you take:

bullet dried fruit (you won't get many veggies higher up)
bullet nuts or beef jerky or snickers (you won't want to eat meat)
bullet a deck of cards (you'll have many hours to play!)
bullet toilet paper (also good for nose blowing - I had a cold for 10 days!)
bullet warm sleeping bag (rated for at least -20C)
bullet GOOD BOOTS!
bullet drugs - cold medicine, pain killers, diarrhea, diamox (and study up on high altitude sickness - it may not affect you, but it can also be very dangerous if not treated)...(You can buy Diamox easily in ktm.)
bullet and most importantly a camera! :)

For fitness it seems like anyone who is reasonably fit can do the trek, it may just take you longer on the trails, we were both in really good shape and were generally finished hiking 1-3 hours earlier than what Kumar's schedule indicated. (I play rugby & basketball, and Kevin ran a marathon a month before the trip).

Also, it is pretty common practice for people to leave a bag of stuff at the hotel in ktm during the trek, so take a spare set of clean clothes - you'll really appreciate it!

Check out the web-page and then feel free to write back with any questions.



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