Kami's Wedding In Japan

August 25, 2001

Kami's wedding was a fairly typical Japanese wedding complete with four outfits for the bride and two for the groom. They don't have bridesmaids, so I was the next best thing - her little sister! We borrowed a Kimono for me, and dressed me up, I even gave a toast to the Bride (In English translated by my former department head, Deushi-san). After the wedding and banquet we went to Karaoke with a bunch of the couple's friends, fortunately by then I'd run out of batteries, so there is no living evidence!

People always make fun at the number of pictures that Japanese tourists take. It turns out that I can fit right in! I was in Japan for only two and a half days and took over 200 pictures, most of those were taken during the wedding, and I've weeded it down to these.

Kenji, Kami & Wendy

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